Chelsea project

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project chelsea



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Before going to my school’s printing press to learn about offset printing, we went there to learn how to make books; actually staple signatures together so that they form a cheap paper book. But it was actually interesting because we actually got to staple the signatures ourselves! (we were supervised  of course -_- ). I really enjoyed it and I got a free sketch book that I made.

Offset printing

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So 2 weeks ago, my class and I went back to my school’s printing press, but this time we were in a different room. We learned that printing things with one color is to be done in a different machine than printing in multiple colors. Also we learned that the colors are made by a bunch of dots, and those dots are what we call pixels in the virtual world. Isn’t that amazing? Pixels exist in the real world!

The Infamous Quote

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This commercial has rivalry, comedy, a muscle head and it is hype. Just what you need for a commercial to be forever remebered.

Complimentary colors

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 This is what my alphabet breakdown looks like.

My school’s WordPress…litteraly

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So last Tuesday, my professsor took us on a class trip. We went to my school newspaper press and let me tell you, I think it was epic.

    I got to see how newspapers were printed in the renaissance and how the printers would make the articles using small pieces of metal that have letters carved out of them and placed into a metal frame. This frame ( which is not so light) is then placed in the press so that the articles could be pressed out. The press is operated with a lever, and also, some quickness is required from the presser so the he could put the papers in and takre them out at a specific so that his/her hand doesn’t get pressed.

   I also witnessed the cutter (machine that cuts the newspaper into its size) slice a block of paper like it was butter. A pretty thrilling experience but worth watching. I have a picture of the press that I will be posting later on, and finally I really hope that you, fellow reader, appreciate this post as much as I experienced the Press Trip.

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Manny’s Moonboard

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